Architect's advice: a small, optimized bathroom

Architect's advice: a small, optimized bathroom

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A small bathroom is not necessarily synonymous with discomfort ... provided you optimize the volume and organize the elements and storage. Storage is essential for the harmonious and relaxing space that is the bathroom. Order and organization are the watchwords for saving space! And since it is unthinkable to bump into the slightest movement in this space that we visit at least morning and evening, we opt for practicality, the multifunctional side and an arrangement that occupies all square centimeters, while leaving space enough to move.

A small optimized bathroom with corner bath

Angélique BLANC This 2.70m x 1.95m bathroom offers the luxury of having an asymmetrical bathtub, which will free up circulation and storage space. Each corner of the room is occupied: a corner bathtub, a double-function wall-mounted drying rack (towel rail discreetly slid behind the door. A washing machine occupies the 3rd angle, and the last angle is taken up by a washbasin cabinet that we will choose a fresh and sparkling color and equipped with a mirror for a dynamic bathroom. The laundry basket is integrated into the furniture by a large sliding drawer: finished the basket placed on the floor which occupies the space of unsightly! In order to increase storage space, a long shelf smooths and harmonizes the wall space and can accommodate various stacked storage baskets.

A small optimized bathroom with shower

Angélique BLANC Order and vitality qualify this 2.70 mx 1.86 m bathroom. All the storage space is concentrated on a single section of wall. The single high storage is placed near the window to let the bathroom take advantage of the natural light entering through its large window. It will be used to store towels and cleaning products. The basin, surmounted by a very large mirror, is flanked by two low storage units with sliding drawers in which everything is organized for complete optimization: toiletries and beauty products will be visible at first glance and will be stored by categories (one drawer for hair care, one for makeup, one for shaving, one for pharmacy…). The free space in the center of the room allows the drawers to open without hindrance, and the towel radiator will therefore be placed high up. Note that to optimize space, it is still better to install a wall radiator rather than the floor. Finally, to give vitality to this bathroom, the shower tray is chosen in an invigorating color, and the WC will be circular: original and space-saving.

A small optimized bathroom with a hip bath

Angélique BLANC If you want a bathroom that is both orderly, relaxing and refined, this volume of 2.68 mx 2 m is made for you! Its main color is white to enlarge the space. The WC and the large double sink unit are suspended. They thus give an impression of lightness, compact, and greatly facilitate the cleaning of floors! The cabinet is equipped with numerous nesting drawers (with different opening depths so that their contents are quickly visible) and a long shelf fitted with two mirrors. Above the WC, preferably hidden behind the door, additional storage will allow you to store household products and avoid wasting space on the wall. Finally, always for the sake of order and storage so that the space appears larger, the low wall adjoining the hip bath is equipped with soap and shampoo dispensers ... the rim of the bath will no longer be cluttered with bottles.