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The different decorative styles of the credenza bars

The different decorative styles of the credenza bars

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Purely useful at the base, the credenza bars quickly demonstrated their decorative potential. Because uncovered, the utensils give life to the kitchen! It remains to define the style and extent that we wish to grant them.

A 100% stainless steel credenza bar

Fly To accentuate the style of a loft or industrial kitchen, the good idea is to turn the credenza bar to its advantage: by using 100% stainless steel utensils!

A pastel credenza bar

Ferm Living Always with the idea of ​​accentuating a style (colorful, industrial, the splash bar is adorned with purely pastel colors. For a kitchen where sweetness and femininity are in the spotlight, we strongly approve!

A theatrical credenza bar

Darty By its length, its width, and its fixing on an all white wall, this credenza bar has only one goal: to stand out to participate, in its own right, in the decor of the kitchen.

A miniature credenza bar

Purpose A mini magnetic splashback bar is enough to hang a collection of cook-style knives!

XXL credenza bar

Fly Along the entire length of the wall equivalent to the worktop, this credenza bar sees life big! A way to give it more importance than ever and to offer a large hanging storage space in addition to low and high furniture.

A graphic credenza bar

Leroy Merlin In the idea of ​​revitalizing the kitchen with utensils suspended from a credenza bar, why not choose it directly under graphic and decorative tunes? This is the case with this one and its wire mesh design in a total white look.

A discreet maxi credence bar

Fly Affixed to a credenza in wallpaper, this stainless steel bar melts into the wall, neither seen nor known. Or how to play the card of discretion!