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Architect's advice: a small, bright bathroom

Architect's advice: a small, bright bathroom

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The bathrooms are often small areas facing north. In large cities, these rooms are even sometimes blind, without windows. Brightness is essential to us. It is a real factor of well-being. Fortunately, there are architectural and decorative tips to enhance the clarity of our bathroom and create a light and radiant atmosphere: hanging furniture, light tones, skylights, light-reflecting materials, games of transparencies and reflections ... the solutions are many !

A small bathroom lit by a light pipe

Angélique BLANC This rectangular 3.40 mx 1.83 m bathroom receives natural light by installing a light pipe. Daylight is thus drawn via a dome installed on the roof and returned to the room. Without major technical constraints and less and less expensive, the skylight can increase the brightness of a dark room by more than 50%. Placed in front of the basin and between the three mirrors that reflect the light, it will avoid the bad mood in the morning linked to a pale complexion caused by unsuitable lighting. This bathroom has only one window in the isolated and closed desired toilet, the full door is replaced by a door with textured glazing which will preserve privacy while bringing light near the shower, in addition to the pavers of glass. Finally, the basin is chosen in Corian, a material composed of a mixture of acrylic resins and minerals, which returns light while being very soft to the touch.

Light in a small bathroom with false ceiling

Angélique BLANC In this 2.58 mx 2.07 m bathroom, free of natural light, the light is provided by a false backlit ceiling at the edge of the room. It will discreetly provide soft and diffused lighting, reinforced by three light points (in the shower and near the basin) equipped with bulbs with a high color rendering index close to daylight: they will perfectly restore the colors . As far as materials are concerned, glass is again preferred, for the basin and the shower partition, but also for the front door. The frosted glass of this one will let in the light coming from the rest of the apartment without disturbing the privacy of the person using the bathroom. The shower floor, preferably Italian, is covered with iridescent mosaics that reflect the light and colors drawn from the cold tones of the chromatic circle to increase the sensation of brightness, the warm colors tending to "enclose".

Light in a small attic bathroom

Angélique BLANC This 2.35 mx 2.20 m bathroom located under the roof and without vis-à-vis is literally bathed in light. The existing window has been replaced by a double canopy on the wall and ceiling, positioned above the bathtub. Daylight is reflected on the floor (the role of the floor covering should never be neglected in providing light) in shiny polished concrete, on the wall of the oxidized metal bathtub (which enhances the "workshop" effect in the bathroom), and on the mirror opposite the glass roof. This mirror being of large dimension, one will preferably place a lighting on each side of the basin. The advantage? No shadow will be cast on the face. The partition adjoining the small corner will receive three indirect lights, more subtle than a single very strong lighting on the ceiling (rather to be avoided, it is always more comfortable to multiply the light sources than to place only one very strong).