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First buds, first emotions!

First buds, first emotions!

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How beautiful nature is when you wake up! Neither crumpled, dull, nor cranky ... quite the contrary! It is only tender colors and buds swollen with promises of beneficial shade and gourmet harvests. The trees, so long bare and gray, come to life as the sap awakens and rises in the branches. By taking the time to observe, you could almost see the buds growing their shell and giving birth to the first shoots. What is the face of the hazel tree during its first hours, or that of the lilac? We invite you to discover a gallery of bud portraits.


J-F. Mahé Is walnut chilly? At a time when his peers have already put on a pale green robe, he is just starting to push his first leaves out of their buds. Almost bloody in color, they unfurl under the first sun while the nuts of the following autumn experience the very beginning of their ripening.


J-F. Mahé Fluttering in the light wind, the first leaves of the poplar seem to try to dry their fresh varnish. Bright and of a pretty amber hue, they will change color slowly and thicken over the following weeks.


J-F. Mahé The wisteria with a gnarled, gray trunk, deeply asleep, wakes up from a long winter. And in the ears that form, it is the flowers that will flourish first, producing purple and fragrant clusters by the hundreds. The leaves, although already in the draft state, will take over when flowering is over.

The peach

J-F. Mahé Still tight, the peach buds are inspecting the air to make sure their time is right. Because it would not be a question of meeting again the snow or the frost, and to pass from the state of hardly hatched flowers to that of promises of harvests too quickly disappointed! Take a good look at them: between the pink that is already showing and the light down that we can see, these buds are a good sign of the coming arrival of gourmet peaches.

The Lilac

J-F. Mahé It is not for nothing that gardeners have learned to watch for the flowering of the lilac, heralding spring and above all lasting warmth, essential for serenely starting crops in the open ground. Here flowers and leaves make a simultaneous appearance. Practical for making pretty bouquets mixing colors and foliage!

The work

J-F. Mahé Light and airy tree, the birch is even more so when it wakes up because of the small size and tender color of its foliage.

The hazelnut

J-F. Mahé The hazel tree has an astonishing awakening, with its drooping and deeply striated leaves. In a few weeks, the veins will have flattened at the same time as the leaves will have reached their adult width.

The Virginia creeper

J-F. Mahé Are the stones coming to life? Almost, so much this old wall seems united with the vine that runs through it! There too, gray branches that life seemed to have left are plumped up again and emit colored shoots whose vigor is already perceptible. "Attacking the heights" they seem to say!


J-F. Mahé Throughout the winter, the lime tree will have retained some of its antlers from last season. It is only shed in the spring when the new generation of buds has confirmed its arrival.

The fern

J-F. Mahé Let’s leave the observation of the high branches to return to those of the slopes where life too is awakening there. And if there is one spectacle not to be missed, it is that of the hatching of the fern, the leaves rolled into balls unfold in grace and in curves.


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