Unusual: decorative dogs invade decoration

Unusual: decorative dogs invade decoration

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In the house, the traditional patterns give way to funny dogs that settle as well on the wallpaper, the lights as on the hangers. It seems that the dog has become the best friend of decoration! It's up to you to discover it in pictures!

A dog-headed hanger

Cocobohème Cocobohème revisits traditional hangers and offers a dog silhouette to your shirts and T-shirts. The effect is original and gives a decorative touch to the clothes displayed on a hanger.

A dog lamp

Lightonline It is the new lamp which caused a sensation in the world of decoration! As surprising as it may seem, the base of the lamp is in fact the body of a dog reviewed in designer sauce and the large bulb acts as a head.

A Bull Dog doormat

Amadeus Don't have a dog to stand guard outside your door? Opt for a doormat in the shape of a dog more real than life! It dusts the shape of the traditional doormat and brings a touch of humor on your doorstep.

An aviator dog cushion

Amadeus On this cushion, the Amadeus brand revisits traditional portraits except that here, it is a dog dressed as an aviator who proudly takes place on the cushion which will bring an offbeat side to any sofa.

A dog lamp base

Korb by Amadeus This very design lamp has the particularity of having a dog gently seated as a foot ... and the latter wears a headset. Yes, it's curious but it's very decorative!

A kitsch trinket dog

Korb by Amadeus Why not give yourself a kitsch touch in your interior by installing a trinket in the shape of a dog on a designer piece of furniture? At Korb by Amadeus, you will find a dog with a collar that wears a crown as a bonus.

A porcelain dog

Fleux At Fleux, the grandmothers' porcelain is completely revisited in favor of a very trendy kitsch design with a chihuahua on its cushion which will not fail to create a surprise on a classic piece of furniture.

A dog-shaped seat

Magis At Magis, the dog takes a very refined form to recall only the shape of the animal and it becomes above all an object of design between the seat and the sculpture. We love the glossy version!

A curiosity cabinet style dog

Maisons du monde If you want a cabinet curiosity atmosphere in your interior, you will bet on this funny dog ​​dressed as a gentleman who will tell you the time thanks to a pocket watch that he holds in one of his legs.