10 eco-friendly and trendy items

10 eco-friendly and trendy items

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Do you want trendy decorative objects but you want them to respect the environment? To help you create an eco-friendly decor, we invite you to discover 10 objects that are on trend while being part of a sustainable development approach!

A storage basket in plastic bottles

Muuto For your storage, think green! For this, you can bet on Muuto objects which are made from the recycling of P.E.T plastic bottles without you being able to suspect it once the object has been transformed.

Green placemats

Cocobohème At Cocobohème, all objects have an ecological particularity! The stickers are made from potato starch and the funny placemats reminiscent of butcher paper are made from paper from sustainably managed forests.

Pévétex flower pots

Art terre Do you know Pévétex? Know that this is a recycled textile PVC made in France that will allow you to offer you flower pots that take the shape of a bulb to let your plants flourish.

Cardboard lights

The Collection To enlighten you in an original way while respecting the environment, we put on Box Light signed The Collection! These are actually small recycled cardboard boxes that open and close like match boxes to light up.

Wooden tableware

Ekobo To be eco-friendly even on the dining table, we put on dishes made from bamboo, a plant that grows quickly, without the need for too much water and which regenerates naturally.

A cardboard armchair

cartonstyl Who said that furniture should be plastic? At Cartonstyl, the furniture is made of cardboard to be recyclable and require little treatment and chemicals during design.

A reclaimed wood shelf

green furniture sweden For a unique decoration, Green Furniture Sweden offers shelves made of blocks of wood salvaged from solid floor manufacturing industries! Original and very decorative!

An alpaca cushion

Andi Art For ecological cushions, we put on wool and better still on alpaca wool which is very trendy at the moment! And for the padding, we put on feathers to obtain an entirely natural cushion.

Telephone wire baskets

Mahatsara At Mahatsara, we recover copper wires sheathed in plastic or enamel and we braid them to create original and colorful objects like these multicolored baskets.