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A garden, even in an apartment!

A garden, even in an apartment!

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Frustrated with having a green thumb but no garden? Here are twenty highly vegetal and highly inspiring scenes to surround yourself with spring greenery… inside!

Lush greenery

Ikéa Deployed in vertical containers or placed on occasional furniture, potted plants gain height. However, they cannot be satisfied with it since it is on the multiplication of their species that they bet to form a veritable green setting.

Vegetable garden under glass

AM.PM The flagship ingredient of this interior space dedicated to the planting of miniature plants? Glass containers revealing the essence of "earth" for an aspect of an indoor garden more real than life.

A room like a garden

Ikea Ivy climbing at the head of the bed, rows of small green pots hanging from the window, and here is the bedroom immersed in the land of gardens!

Vertical garden

AM.PM If this plant support is located in the indoor / outdoor passage, with us, nothing prevents us from installing it against a wall of the living room or kitchen. A vast green square ideally came to infuse them with a garden air.

Wall herbarium

Ikéa Multiply the plants along a wall, and accentuate the plant style by decorating the place using herbarium-style framing. Here is a recipe to adopt if you want to develop a "garden" atmosphere at home!

Extra vegetable garden

Bacsac The pleasure of a garden also means being able to garden there. No need to complain if you don't have one, with a well-planted vegetable patch, it's easy to taste this very green pleasure!

Volume for green plants

Ikéa Pretty containers and generous plants: to live inside as if you were outside, sometimes you just have to opt for greenery in disproportionate fashion!

My garden corner on shelves

AM.PM Plants of all kinds scattered on a large shelf, or how to host a mini vertical garden at home!

Garden air in small touches

AM.PM Set of transparencies for the pots hosting these green plants. A subtle choice giving as much value to their leaves as to the soil. Enough to sow a gardening mood without even setting foot outside!

The desert takes over the decor

Jardiland Fancy a decoration on the theme of adventure or the Wild West? Adopt the cactus! This small wonder, very affordable, makes us travel in the great American spaces. For more effect, multiply the cacti, vary the sizes and shapes and favor the earthen pots.

A green partition

Castorama Here you find clever furniture in which you can install the plants that will make up your indoor garden. In addition to cleverly decorating your living room, these pieces of furniture can create a plant partition.

Pots of all kinds

Sia Greenery and color, a delicious marriage that brightens up your interior. Choose your pots, your plants, create harmony at home. Whether you like country decor or new trends, you will be able to create an indoor garden in your image.

A well-filled shelf

Truffaut Sometimes the touch of greenery is on a shelf! Choose a set of pots and vases, decorate them with plants and create a small garden hanging on the wall.

A green wall in the kitchen

Ikea Are you looking for an original way to combine business with pleasure in your kitchen? What if you grow aromatic plants directly in the room with these hanging pots?

A garden in the kitchen

Algoflash Do you dream of a country house? Take a step towards your dream by decorating your kitchen with aromatic plants: parsley, basil, chives, coriander ... These will flavor your kitchen, giving it the smell and the ambiance of a house in the countryside.

An indoor greenhouse

Maisons du Monde Do you have some space? This atypical element gives cachet to all interiors. You can place plants of all kinds, whether flowering or exotic. We love !

Transparency game

LSA International It's impossible not to fall for the sumptuous vases offered by LSA International. All transparent, they differ in their shapes and allow all the eccentricities in terms of natural decoration. A boon !

An original island

Aviva To define the worktop space of the dining area on your central island, we suggest you plant a row of aromatic plants as practical as decorative!

A shelf under the window

Ikea In Nordic countries, green plants are often installed near the window on a shelf. We prick the idea at home to create a small garden in the bedroom for example.


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