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Ikea hacks to store your vinyls

Ikea hacks to store your vinyls

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Whether you have a dozen vinyl records or a collection of several hundred 33 rpm accumulated over the years, it is not always easy to find a suitable place for these precious black pancakes in such a special format. The good idea: divert Ikea furniture and accessories into unique decorative pieces for our vinyls. Explanations in pictures with our 10 best Ikea hacks found on Pinterest!

A trendy bedside table

IKEA Attach a colorful front to your 40 cm box from the Metod range, then place it on four legs and you will get three movements in two steps this pretty extra furniture very fashionable. More info on this DIY: IKEA

One two in one practical

Maggie Rose To make this beautiful contemporary seat with storage cubes, very practical for storing vinyls, nothing could be simpler. You just need to get a 185 cm long Expedit shelf, install a graphic foam seat on it and you're good to go. Easy as pie ! More info on this DIY: Desire to inspire

A retro row

Ikea hackers If you lack space to store your Hi-Fi equipment and your vinyls, this console mounted on legs and designed using a Besta box and a wooden worktop may well be THE solution. See rather! More info on this DIY: Ikea hackers

A well thought out module

Ikea hackers Another idea: this very practical piece of furniture designed using a Kallax shelf on which a white Linnmon tray 39 cm long, installed on a stand, has been installed. More info on this DIY: Ikea hackers

A shelf on legs

The surznick common room Embellished with a nice wooden base, the famous Expedit shelf has been transformed into an elegant piece of furniture, Scandinavian inspiration, that we all dream of having at home! More info on this DIY: The surznick common room

Scandinavian console

Ikea hackers On the same principle, we fall for this long console. Its originality? Its base designed using furniture from the Molger series. Renovating your old furniture has never been easier! More info on this DIY: Ikea hackers

An ingenious bed

Ikea hackers We fell in love with this ingenious bed base, made with two Expedit shelves. Or how to store your old 33 towers while optimizing the space in the bedroom! A master stroke! More info on this DIY: The vinyl factory

A custom console

Ikea hackers No matter how passionate you are about vinyls, when they accumulate, we would sometimes like to be able to make them disappear with a magic wand. The decor tip? Camouflage them by installing doors on our Ikea shelf. More info on this DIY: Ikea hackers

A sophisticated console

Chezerbey And finally, the most DIY enthusiasts will turn to this Ikea Hack designed using a Besta TV bench, previously sanded wooden boards, glass doors and a little elbow grease. More info on this DIY: Chezerbey