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Chic gardening with well-chosen tools

Chic gardening with well-chosen tools

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Chic "gardening" sessions? We are for! For this, you will need well-chosen tools. Nice design, nice color, nice storage: and presto, looking after the garden and the vegetable patch becomes very trendy! Discover our selection of tools for chic gardening.

Old fashioned watering cans

Botanique Editions What if your garden tools thought they were decorative accessories? True assets for chic gardening, these old-fashioned watering cans will bring a vintage touch to your garden and hints of color while making them very practical on a daily basis.

An accessory for your tools

Botanique Editions To transport your garden tools during your activities, opt for a nice old-fashioned basket by choosing a wood species that will remind the handle of your hand tools. Gloves to protect you and you will have everything nearby when you start to have your hands in the ground.

Elegant gloves

Decoclico To protect your hands during your gardening work, opt for a chic model. The secret ? Choose a leather pair. Here the leather takes on a suede look and visible stitching to add character and style to your accessory.

A touch of glamor for all gardening work

Decoclico Doesn't collecting the leaves from the garden seem to be the most chic activity? Give it a more elegant touch by adopting the right tools like this bag ideal for picking up leaves with its ad hoc pattern. It is more practical thanks to a pop up system.

Old-fashioned tools for your sowing

Botanique Editions Back to basics with the vegetable patch and its old tools. To carry out your sowing, choose authentic tools that are still very practical. The wooden dibber is so decorative that it could almost find its place in your interior.

Chic and decorative tools

Decoclico Beech and stainless steel handle, here is the secret of the elegance of these tools that you will enjoy using for your gardening work. In addition to being chic, they are solid and provide a good grip.

A space dedicated to gardening

Botanique Editions For gardening by combining chic and comfort, do not hesitate to treat yourself to a dedicated space outside or in a garden shed. You will be able to equip yourself with a potting pan for work plan like this very beautiful zinc model, a unique piece for Botanique Editions.

Storage to organize your tools

We store everything Gardening chic is also tidy chic. Nothing like clever and decorative storage to display your tools whether on the balcony or in the garden. We put on an old-fashioned basket to store compost and compost, another for hand tools and we even think of a boot rack to transform into a real gardener.

Pots for all your plantings

Botanic - Arnaud Childeric To organize the garden, bring the right tools but also the right accessories. For more chic gardening, remember to bring different pots and containers for all your plantings. Crates will also be a good alternative for preparing your plantings.