10 objects with an unusual design

10 objects with an unusual design

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The decor as you've never seen it! Designers and other brands regularly surprise us. Here is our current selection of the most unusual objects.

Sculptural library

Atelier 010 A very large but very original library. Its almost round shape necessarily calls for reading.

Bathroom on the run

Johan Kauppi and Lars Sundstro Designed on the same model as walk-in showers, the flow of water is done on the floor, by an integrated drainage system. The two designers whose names are difficult to pronounce seduce us with their XXL sinks.

Connected shower curtain For fans of social networks, the connected shower curtain allows you to slip IRL (In Real Life - in real life) into a profile. We then find everything like on the famous network all the information of his profile.

Human chair

Pharrell Williams The singer that we saw everywhere during the year 2013, and also designer in his spare time offers us an original chair with human accents. After several collaborations with certain luxury houses, Pharrell Williams returns to his lost loves and decoration.

Limited consumption

Remy Martin For what purpose did Remy Martin design his mini-glasses? This question remains a mystery, but its more than quirky result appealed to us. Hopefully everyone sees a way to limit their alcohol consumption.

Flexible lamp

Thomas Shnur Another designer with a name just as strange as his creation. Here we find the very classic look of a bedside lamp in a material that is much less: rubber. It turns out that in fact the designer was inspired by suction cups to unclog sinks, for his lamp.

Home Safari

Studio Ibride The Ibride studio highlights creations that you may have already seen: ostrich library, cloud shelf, bear storage or donkey secretary ... All the bestiary goes by, for the pleasure of our eyes. These animals will cause a sensation!

Armchair to assemble

Matali Crasset French designer, Matali Crasset has reigned over the world of design for many years. The designer with the original haircut offers us here an armchair and its footrest whose comfort and quality of seat were the starting point.

Serving tray

Ligne Roset Ligne Roset surprises us once again with this tray, where we slide our fingers. This avoids falling glass, which is always fatal on a shirt or a light carpet.