12 plants to give you for the home

12 plants to give you for the home

What if this year we decided to green the house? The idea of ​​the Dutch Flower Office is to offer you a plant to offer yourself per month for a very natural house at the end of the year. So discover the 12 recommended plants, hurry up, you've already fallen behind!

The dracaena

Dutch Flower Office Bright location, regular watering, this plant also called dragon tree will not take more to feel good in your interior and develop beautiful pointed leaves in very nuanced colors.


Dutch Flower Office To get out of winter, we use bellflower and its beautiful fresh flowers in purple tones. We appreciate their bell shape which gives its Latin meaning to this small plant. In addition, it grows quickly!

The codiaeum

Dutch Flower Office To bring color into your interior, the codiaeum is the plant for you! The bright colors of these leaves will wake up the house. This original plant requires light and a touch of humor to accept its atypical look.


Dutch Flower Office With large and colorful flowers as well as its exotic fragrance, miltonia has everything to seduce! From the orchid family, it requires attention but will be able to give you your care with magnificent flowers.

The succulent

Dutch Flower Office The succulent is the plant that adapts to all situations! Better known as a succulent plant, it can retain water so as not to require too much care. We will simply offer it a good light to enjoy it all year round. Small precision, the cactus is for example a succulent.

The gerbera

Dutch Flower Office For a house full of cheerfulness, you can count on the gerbera and its superb flowers which radiate yellow, red, orange, pink, purple or white. To take advantage of these colors, you will need to place it in a lighted place and water it regularly.

The saintpaulia

Dutch Flower Office Better known as the Cape violet, this plant brightens the house with its cluster of flowers in colors ranging from purple to mauve through white and pale blue. It will need a humid and bright atmosphere.

The schefflera

Dutch Office of Exotic Flowers, this houseplant belongs to the same family as the bushes and lianas. You will understand, it is a plant which comes from the tropics and which thrives perfectly in hot and humid places and it also likes the direct sun.

The polyscias

Dutch Flower Office For spaces in the shade, we adopt the polyscias and its characteristic stems and its thick trunk. These leaves are wavy and irregular and a pretty green. It grows quickly to reach a height of 1 meter, all with little attention.


Dutch Flower Office Robust and masculine, the bromeliad is easy to live with because it only requires a bright location, no direct sun and regular watering. Its flowering is very lively to offer a breathtaking spectacle that lasts from three to six months.


Dutch Flower Office Plants are good for cheering up so when they have flowers up to 20 cm in color, the result is final. It will only need a sunny location and a little water!