A bohemian and colorful apartment in Los Angeles

A bohemian and colorful apartment in Los Angeles

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Emily Henderson's specialty? Mix eclectic styles to create unique and accessible settings that match the personalities of its customers. The Los Angeles-based decorator opened the doors of one of her creations to make us discover a sunny atmosphere with graphic patterns and sparkling colors that offer an interior where life is good.

A warm living room

Emily Henderson design / Laure Joliet The couple's large living room was imagined as a warm living room where everyone can meet but also where everyone can have their own space. The different seats thus delimit the spaces like this armchair installed in the corner which can accommodate a resident for a moment of relaxation thanks to the footrest which also offers an additional seat during the more convivial evenings.

Well-chosen materials

Emily Henderson design / Laure Joliet The interior secret made by Emily Henderson? A mix of feminine lines associated with a multitude of materials including dark wood for the furniture which brings a more masculine note to the whole room.

Splashes of color

Emily Henderson design / Laure Joliet The couple wanted above all an interior that reflected the joy of living. For this, the decorator has bet on touches of bright colors but also gold throughout the house. Textiles thus play an important role, but also wall decoration and lighting.

A lounge at ground level

Emily Henderson design / Laure Joliet To give a warm and relaxed atmosphere, the decorator played with the heights and placed the living room at ground level by multiplying the low seats around the table. Even the window offers a shelf at ground level to close the space and give a cozy spirit.

A set of patterns and textures

Emily Henderson design / Laure Joliet To give depth and a graphic note to the living room, Emily Henderson skillfully played with the geometric patterns associated with a multitude of different materials: velvet, fur, felt ... An idea of ​​accumulation easy to take home.

A retro note

Emily Henderson design / Laure Joliet For a creative interior, we put here on the mixture of eras by adding a modern touch by the colors. The wall unit like the armchair plays the vintage card and the decorative objects also go back in time with a lamp and an old camera.

Plants for a living touch

Emily Henderson design / Laure Joliet To bring serenity and life to the apartment, the green plants have been multiplied and add an additional note of color. Arranged in an accumulation fashion, they dress the large window and are highlighted by the clarity that it offers.

A dining room with a holiday feel

Emily Henderson design / Laure Joliet In the dining area, the spirit of the room is preserved with a beautiful dark wood dining table associated with a light carpet that multiplies the colors thanks to graphic stripes. And to set the tone, a large photo that offers a superb view of the sea.

Metal in the blink of an eye

Emily Henderson design / Laure Joliet Throughout the apartment, gold or coppery metal accompanies the wood to give it a more precious touch and create a jewel and luminous spirit. Here, the metal was chosen to create a special aperitif service between the living room and the dining room. An idea that is both practical and decorative.


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