The bench in the kitchen

The bench in the kitchen

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In a kitchen, bar stools and stools are the most common seats. But, if you have a large family or little space, the bench can be a good alternative for your large tables! Colorful, wooden, white… Discover our favorites for these kitchens whose bench has become a decorative accessory in its own right and get inspired.

A two-in-one worktop

Julie Nabucet If you have a narrow open kitchen, stick a bench to your worktop to create a dining area on one side and a kitchen area on the other. You will save space. Don't hesitate to bring a touch of color with colorful cushions, seats and rugs.

A small Scandinavian cuisine

Ikea White is one of the most timeless shades in the kitchen. In this immaculate Ikea kitchen which also serves as a dining room, the bench gives a friendly atmosphere. We love the small round cushions that allow you to sit more comfortably.

For your big summer tables

Manutti This open kitchen opens onto a large dining table. On one side of the furniture are classic chairs while on the other a wooden bench will be ideal for your children to sit at the table longer!

Designer furniture

Tumblr Sweet Cribs Who says bench doesn't necessarily mean wooden and iron school bench! The proof, this design seat in immaculate leather gives a Scandinavian look to this wooden kitchen. We fall for the vintage dining table.

Having a dining area in the kitchen

Blog Trendenser Practical and functional, the dining area is more and more present behind the stoves. The kitchen as a living room is ideal in a narrow space but also for eating your children. With these wooden benches, no excuse not to come and taste!

Attach a bench to the wall

Desiron Lizen - Guillaume Dutreix Your kitchen is long and you don't have room to put a lot of chairs in it? We have the solution: hang a bench directly on the wall. Another (big) advantage, you will not have to move your seat when you are cleaning.

Opt for an original island

Castorama This central island signed Castorama has the distinction of having a work surface, a snack area and a space to sit. This configuration is ideal for your toddlers to watch you cook or for your guests to have a drink with you when you are behind the stove.

Mix the seats

Blog Life is hard but so very beautiful For each member of the family to find their place in the kitchen, you can install a bench to match a dining table, with more traditional chairs but which remain in the style of the room. A piece of advice, for a wildly decorative piece, hunt for kitchen furniture in flea markets like on the blog "Life is hard but so very beautiful".

A relaxation area in the kitchen

Leroy Merlin Do you dream of taking a break in your kitchen? Opt for a bench seat (here Leroy Merlin) as an extension of your storage elements. You can also chat with your partner or friends while you finish your recipe.


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