20 ideas to recycle baby jars

20 ideas to recycle baby jars

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One food still resists the immense plastic industry: the baby potty. Irresistibly cute, both in size and shape, it breaks our hearts when it comes to recycling. Here are some ideas that will allow you to integrate it into your decor!

Pretty votives

Tinkerlab Transform your baby jars into pretty votives with tissue paper and a little Mod Podge (a clever mixture of glue and varnish). A very simple DIY that can be done with four hands with your little one. Source: Tinkerlab (//

Pretty storage

Black Confetti In the picture, these pretty storage spaces are made with old spice jars, but you can do it with your baby jars. Just screw the lids of the small pots below the shelf to always have your little favorite items handy. Source: Black Confetti

To potty your little plants

The Republic of Succulents Clean your small glass jars and remove the labels properly. They make perfect little vases for succulents or other plants and convert into centerpieces. Source: The Republic of Succulents

Small flower pots

Kate Mathis For your party tables, use small baby pots that you will have painted to make pretty flowery centerpieces. Source: Oh Happy Day

Enchanted Forest

Le Blog de Crouchette This DIY was made with old jam jars but nothing prevents you from making a miniature version with your little baby jars. Nothing could be simpler: clean your jars well. On each cover, attach a small figurine with strong glue. Start by painting the cover white before applying the color of your choice. Source: Crouchette's Blog

For the storage of your spices

The DIY Mommy Spices are sold in sachets, plastic jars, glass, etc. No container has ever the same shape or size. Give your little baby jars a makeover by repainting and labeling their lids for a neat spice drawer. Source: The DIY Mommy

With chalk

Make and Tell You can recycle and redecorate your pots without giving them a final use. Using a painter's tape and a can of chalkboard paint, decorate them with a sign that, with each stroke of the chalk, will redefine their use. Source: Make and Tell

Pretty candy box

Moukita This is an original DIY gift to offer to your wedding guests or your dear and tender for Valentine's Day. Change the label of your small glass jars into a nice personalized message. Candies, sugared almonds,… make the right choice by filling them! Source: Moukita

For Halloween

Little Meline Baby jars are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Like here, you can use them to perfect your Halloween decoration. Source: Little Meline

For your treasures and memories

Et ma Biche For a childish decoration in very soft colors, paint the lid of your little baby jars in a pastel color and stick a homemade pompom on it. Source: Et ma Biche

Lanterns in the garden

Inspired by Familia / RosannaInc Making these pretty colored lanterns is a breeze. Arm yourself with liquid glue, water and food coloring. In each lid, mix a teaspoon of glue, 2 teaspoons of water and three drops of food coloring in the color of your choice. Mix well, close the jars and shake until the entire inside of the jar is well covered. As it dries, the mixture becomes transparent. Source: Inspired by Familia

Like a Lego

Estéfi Machado Here is an original pencil holder for your children! In a baby jar, pour yellow paint, close the jar and shake. Draw the details of a lego figurine face with an indelible marker and that's the job! Source: Handmade Charlotte

Magnetic storage

One Lucky Pickle This is something to always keep your spices or small items within sight. In each lid of your baby jars, attach a large magnet. Print pretty labels that will decorate the circumference of your jars and don't forget to specify what is inside! An ideal solution to fix your spices on your backsplash or on the side of your refrigerator. Source: One Lucky Pickle

For Christmas: small snow globes

Craftaholics Anonymous Here is a nice decorative idea to keep in the corner of your head until next Christmas: small snow globes. In the cover, attach small plastic trees with a point of strong glue. In each jar, pour a teaspoon of golden glitter, 5 drops of glycerin and fill the rest of the jar with distilled water. You just have to screw the cover adorned with its little tree and you get very cute little snow globes. Source: Craftaholics Anonymous

Photo album version

Design Mom Do not hesitate to decline the idea of ​​snow globes, why not with photos of your children. Just take care to make the plates water resistant by covering them (on both sides) with a strong transparent packaging tape. Source: Design Mom

For a green wall

Craft-O-Maniac Here is an idea that should appeal to most DIY enthusiasts among us. On a beautiful wooden board fix, at equal distances, small clamping rings. Once the board is hung on the wall, put your own little baby jars in it and put some flowers in it. Guaranteed effect! Source: Craft-O-Maniac

A decoration project for your children

The DIY Mommy After the Easter egg decoration workshop, your little ones constantly ask you for new practical work. Kill two birds with one stone by getting rid of empty baby jars that you didn't know what to do with. Arm yourself with glitter, glue and decorative stickers and boost their imagination. Source: The DIY Mommy

For spices, simply

The Forge Use your small jars to store all your spices with simplicity. On craft paper, create pretty custom labels. Source: The Forge

Candle holders in liberty

Fellow Fellow Inside your small pots, fix, with a brush and white glue, small strips of liberty fabric. You will very simply obtain pretty candle jars. Be careful, however, not to use real candles inside, the fabric could burn. Opt instead for battery-powered candles. Source: Fellow Fellow