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Villa Anastasia: Time Travel in Mexico

Villa Anastasia: Time Travel in Mexico

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It is in the very opulent neighborhood of Conchas Chinas in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico that we find this exceptional place. Villa Anastasia has no royal other than the name: the house spans no less than five floors. With its very classic interior and reception rooms, it takes us back in time. Good visit !

Ocean view

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty From the fifth floor of the house, one can only admire the superb view of the ocean. A haven of peace ideal for the holidays.

An upstairs pool

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty Something unusual, the pool of Villa Anastasia is on the fourth floor of the house. It thus overlooks the ocean.

Beautiful terrace

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty The terrace offers a sunny idleness corner and suggests, with its bronze statue, an interior with a very classic decoration.

Gilding and antique furniture

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty On the walls and ceiling of Villa Anastasia, you can see beautiful golden moldings, perfectly in the tone of furniture that seems old.

On the ceiling, a fresco

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty The living room ceiling has a dome, perfect niche to accommodate a superb fresco as well as a crystal chandelier.

A dining room for entertaining

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty Between gilding and marble, a large dark wood dining table and matching chairs have been installed in Villa Anastasia.

A flowery sofa

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty Far from the grandiose reception room and its impressive fresco, we find in this room a sofa with a floral print.

Gilding and bronze on the landing

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty Gilding is definitely a constant element in the interior decoration of Villa Anastasia: it is also found on the white armchairs of one of the landings.

An immaculate room

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty In the largest bedroom, beautiful golden moldings frame the door of this property otherwise almost exclusively dressed in ecru or white. Source: PV Realty