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Ethnic chic style in 10 lessons

Ethnic chic style in 10 lessons

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One of the decorating trends of the moment is Indian chic. But, for the non-seasoned, this term is a bit barbaric. In reality, it is often called ethnic chic. Coming straight from Indian and Inca cultures, this style makes us travel and puts colors in our interior while keeping a certain elegance since it must blend into a contemporary decor. Here are some things to help you see more clearly.

A Moroccan cushion

Harmony For a cozy, comfortable and resolutely ethnic chic sofa, the cushions combine a mixture of colors, soft materials and pompoms like this model from the Handycraft collection of the Harmony brand. They are real decorative objects that warm the space and invite us to travel.

White and blue rope

Owl Kit Beyond the predefined patterns and colors, the ethnic chic style puts you at work! The proof, this Do It Yourself kit by Chouette Kit aims to make you make either a bag and a frame or a hat, a frame or a tealight holder. All in crochet and in Mediterranean blue tones.

A bronze lamp that invites you to travel

Vila Alys The ethnic chic decor is inspired by travel and the memories brought back. This bronze lamp pays homage to African land by wearing a giraffe. It combines with a world map as a table and aged wooden furniture.

Vases with ethnic motifs

Kelly Hoppen In an elegant and designer living room, the ethnic patterns of these decorative vases bring out the furniture. It brings a touch of originality to the room without forgetting the design and contemporary side.

A colorful carpet that dresses the room

Bettina Laffond Any self-respecting ethnic chic living room must have a large colorful carpet of Moroccan or Indian inspiration. The shimmering colors warm the space. The little extra? Scatter small blue, red or yellow decorative objects in the room.

Indian-inspired frames

Caravan In this room, the carpet and the sofa, padded with several blankets, create a comfortable space for escape. We continue the journey with vintage photo frames on which India is honored through portraits and moments of local life.

Shimmering linens

Madura The new Indiana Story collection by Madura has been designed in an Indian chic style. The plaids and cushions bring color to the living room while the patterns are quite timeless. It's up to you to choose between colder bluish tones and warmer orange hues.

Noble and colorful fabrics

Didier Delmas The room is not spared! Here, it is the more pronounced colors which dominate like pink, yellow, green or blue. If the walls and the floor are clean enough, the decoration focuses on the central element of the room: the bed. The bed linen is particularly worked to give more texture to the whole.

A wall hanging to warm the space

Caravan It is a good alternative to wall covering. The fabric drapery, traditionally woven by hand, may have been brought back from a trip to the other end of the world or may have been made by a small craftsman. Behind a fairly sober sofa, it will look great.