Using home staging in the kitchen

Using home staging in the kitchen

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To revamp a room or try to sell your apartment more easily, there is a method at a lower cost: home staging. The goal ? Transform your space in the blink of an eye and for a mini budget. In the kitchen, this decorative technique also applies and some before / after are truly stunning. To convince you, here are ten tips and Do It Yourself to revive your kitchen, and at (all) low cost.

Customize your closet handles

Margo Chato Blog Here is a very simple Do It Yourself to make yourself. Remove the unsightly handles from your cupboards and nail new ones with leather straps. You can also use scraps of fabric or rubber for a more rigid appearance. Source: Margo Chato Blog

Paint storage boxes

Ikea These wooden boxes signed Ikea are practical for providing additional storage in an open kitchen. But, they are a little sad. Energize them by painting them with pop colors or by sticking stickers on them.

Put new door knobs

Chocolate Creative / Superfront To revamp your kitchen easily, many brands offer door knobs and handles for unusual, chic or even colored cupboards to make your furniture a unique piece. If you are manual, you can also do them yourself.

Transform your flooring

Blog Margo Chato Blogger Margo Chato has revitalized its old gray kitchen tiles with masking tape. She created graphic shapes on the floor which gives a playful and more modern side to the room. All for less than one euro. Please note, this tip only works on a solid floor covering. Source: Margo Chato Blog

Have a colorful splashback

Hello Darling To give a second life to a slightly dull tiled splashback, no need to change it! You just need to paint some tiles in a bright color like red. Your kitchen will have a much more attractive retro style. Also remember to paint your splashback in a tangy color.

Putting concrete on an old tile

Sandrine Fournier You want to change your old tiling but you have neither the time nor the money to get started in renovations? You just need to put concrete on your floor covering. You can do it yourself, without calling a professional, for a few tens of euros.

Opt for a slate wall

Paintings Julien One of the tips of home staging in the kitchen is to repaint a wall with slate paint. Result? You will get a section of wall where you can write your shopping list or your chalk recipes. Something to keep your children occupied before eating!

Personalize your kitchen items

Superfront The kitchen elements found in large furniture stores may be functional and inexpensive, they resemble those of your neighbors ... To personalize your storage, choose an original customization with graphic patterns.

Renovate an old piece of furniture

Géraldine Peysson Whether you have an old piece of furniture that is a little worn, a sideboard whose paint comes off or even a mottled cupboard that needs a facelift, you just need to create a gradient on the doors or on the drawers for it give a second life. Then apply a coat of varnish so as not to damage the furniture.


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