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A family apartment located in a former school

A family apartment located in a former school

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Based in Amsterdam, the architecture studio Standard Studio has been entrusted with the design of an unusual apartment. Housing is indeed part of the rehabilitation project of a 100 year old school in the center of the city. The building was transformed into 10 apartments for young families with different plans and materials according to the needs and desires of the new inhabitants. Visit in pictures of the realization of Standard Studio.

A spacious living room

Standard Studio The upstairs classrooms have been transformed to obtain the living room which then offers a nice volume allowing to install living room, dining room, kitchen but also space for play and relaxation notably thanks to a significant ceiling height.

Beautiful openings, demarcated spaces

Standard Studio The living room has large openings which allow good brightness accentuated by the choice of white for the wall surface and the very clear concrete on the floor which recalls the old use of the building. The windows also make it possible to delimit the spaces by visually dividing the room in two thanks to the glass door. The furniture is then used to accentuate this separation.

A playful cuisine

Standard Studio As a reminder of the building's past, the architects have imagined a playful kitchen where the storages rely on the graphics card and recall the children's construction games with different modules installed on a wooden base. The result is warm while offering a simple and functional design.

Simple furniture

Standard Studio The furniture in the living room simply takes up the principle of wooden crate found in the kitchen to create a low sideboard and storage space, especially for wood. Even the wood stove is enhanced by this type of structure which gives it a new dimension.

A sublimated staircase

Standard Studio Not only does the staircase retain the school spirit of the building thanks to its metallic design, but it is also enhanced by a wooden structure which extends below it and offers a play area for children by creating a bench seat and toy storage boxes. Clever.

A height under ceiling exploited

Standard Studio To take advantage of the high ceilings typical of the old school, the architects have created a mezzanine above the living room to accommodate an intimate and comfortable office which benefits from the beautiful light of the room. The office is in line with the rest of the furniture with a structure of boxes.

Rooms in the staff room

Standard Studio If the living room occupies the old classrooms, the sleeping area of ​​the apartment reclaims the teachers' rooms which offer as much light and space under the ceiling. Light wood remains the design guideline in a pleasant white decor.

A mezzanine in the bedroom too

Standard Studio The parents' room is also equipped with a mezzanine so as to optimize space but also to lower the ceiling above the bed and create a more intimate space.

A practical children's room

Standard Studio For children, the design is made even more practical with furniture integrated directly into the room. Storage shelves are installed flush with the ceiling and a desk / shelf runs along the wall to create a multifunctional piece of furniture. More info: