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Before / After: Create a glass roof to separate a bedroom from the living room

Before / After: Create a glass roof to separate a bedroom from the living room

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This Versailles apartment was renovated by Aurore Pannier, founder of the Paris interior architecture agency. The challenge ? Create an additional bedroom separate from the living room that is as bright as possible. To do this, a glass roof was installed to delimit the two spaces without partitioning the living room. ** Area: ** 43m² ** Budget: ** € 15,000 including tax for the renovation of the living room and bedroom by creating a glass partition

The dining area

Interior Paris ** Before: ** The living room also had a dining area which would be kept after the works. It was therefore necessary that the transformation of the living room into a living room / bedroom take into account this dining area.

Installation of a canopy

Interior Paris ** After: ** To separate the future bedroom from the living room, the architect erected a plasterboard partition with integrated niches which would accommodate a glass roof so that the living room and the sleeping area would be brighter. The difficulty of the site was that none of the walls were straight, so it was not easy to carry out the separation.

A soothing atmosphere

Interior Paris ** After: ** In the living room, the painting was completely redone in a soft and soothing atmosphere. The colors used (white and linen) are therefore neutral while the furniture, signed La Redoute, Ikea and Maisons du monde, brings a little more warmth to the living room. The glass roof has built-in spotlights which allow everything to be lit up after dark.

Separate the living room from the bedroom

Interior Paris ** After: ** The advantage of a canopy as a partition between two spaces is to be able to separate two rooms with very different uses without enclosing the space. Here, natural light passes from one room to another and enhances the bedroom as well as the living room. For even more light, a light bed linen was chosen.

Create a front door for the bedroom

Interior Paris ** After: ** In order for the bedroom to be a space in its own right, it was necessary to create an entrance door (which did not exist) to access it. The latter overlooks the entrance of the apartment which is quite practical if you want to rent your property or accommodate guests to sleep.

A bedroom in a loft spirit

Interior Paris ** After: ** The glass roof gives a loft and industrial feel to the room. For the room to store clothes, custom storage has been installed to optimize the room. We therefore find cupboards and open niches painted white (reminiscent of those located on the living room side), a full height wardrobe as well as storage without handles to visually lighten the space and give the impression that these are completely integrated into the structure.

A double headboard

Interior Paris ** After: ** The headboard also acts as storage since it has a recess in which you can install books, trinkets but also your alarm clock for example.

A canopy with several storage spaces

Indoor Paris ** After: ** Beyond its aesthetic aspect, this industrial canopy placed on the lower part of the partition has several open cupboards in which you can store books as well as store trinkets and souvenirs from trip.

The overview of the living room

Interior Paris ** After: ** The lounge area has a Scandinavian touch thanks to the light colors and the different wooden elements. Nordic style coffee tables support this effect as does the round rug. For more information, visit the website of the interior architecture and decoration agency Paris of interior.