Give a "bark" effect to a piece of furniture

Give a "bark" effect to a piece of furniture

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Furniture and woodwork are adorned with a new decorative effect that takes on the appearance of the bark of exotic woods. Thanks to this painting, your furniture will display an elegant and graphic veining. Here is how to achieve this effect on your furniture.

The base

Liberon ### The second step consists in applying the bark effect base. Use a spalter brush for this. Do not hesitate to reveal the brush strokes because this is what will create the veins. Leave to dry for 4 hours.

The effect

Liberon ### To create the effect, use a dish on which you will have placed a small amount of "Bark Effect" product. Apply the effect in the same direction as the veins created by the base. Smooth well to fill in the reliefs and allow to dry for 1 hour.


Liberon ### Sand with a fine sandpaper which will reveal the color of the underside. Use a damp cloth to dust the surface.


Liberon ### To sublimate the material, buff it all with a woolen cloth or with steel wool n ° 000.


Liberon ### Your furniture has very successful material effects. You can use this effect on furniture, woodwork, paneling ... Also note that you will find a range of 7 different colors for the effects and 5 colors for the bases. What create a lot of combinations.


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