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When the garden is a playroom

When the garden is a playroom

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In the summer, children are entertained outside; they let their imaginations run free. Maisonette, sandpit, trampoline, dinette ... Make way for a highly playful parade thanks to which, the garden becomes a formidable playground as they have rarely dreamed of!

A trampoline

Leroy Merlin The advantage of the garden compared to a playroom is that toddlers can let off steam more. Rightly so, what could be better than a trampoline to spend all your energy? It's time for the garden to take the plunge!

A sandbox

Leroy Merlin Build a castle or make simple pâtés: whatever the use, sandboxes remain classics whose children are not ready to get tired. But having one in your garden is class!

A swing and a slide

Leroy Merlin What child wouldn't dream of having a swing or even a slide in his garden? No need to go to the park!

A picnic table

Castorama To play in the dinette or taste on a table adapted to their height, children should love this kind of garden table in a chic picnic way: miniature size and pretty colors from the tray to the chairs!

A large truck

Castorama Small firefighter will grow up. In the meantime, he can have fun driving his imposing truck, which, although immobile, is, by its size, very realistic. In addition, at the back, the possibility of installing a walking sandbox should make people happy…

A gardening corner

Leroy Merlin As long as you're not a teenager, gardening is more a game than a chore. Result: we equip them with a wheelbarrow, shovels and rakes, and especially a vegetable patch!

An Indian hut

Leroy Merlin A cabin to play great Indian chefs? This is something to delight toddlers!

A cardboard teepee The other possibility for playing Indians is to plant a cardboard teepee on the lawn. Who says better ?

A tablecloth to delimit the playground

Ikéa A vast tablecloth spread on the ground, a few soft cushions, and that's how to improvise a corner dedicated to the dinette, to board games and to imaginary games, in two steps three movements.