Bathroom and geometry

Bathroom and geometry

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If the geometric trend settles in all rooms, it finds its place particularly well in the bathroom in order to give a rigorous chic side to this space. We have selected 10 ideas for bringing geometry into the bathroom for you. Little lesson.

Circles on the shower curtain

Ikea To give a graphic look to your bathroom, choose a simple but effective shower curtain like this white model with black circles that will break with the rigidity of the lines of the tiles.

Symmetrical furniture

Ideal In this bathroom, the geometry plays the card of subtlety by not displaying any pattern. On the other hand, it relies on identical vanity units which rely on symmetry for a graphic effect.

A geometric decor

Lido Here, the geometric patterns are multiplying! There are graphic shapes on the wallpaper and the vanity unit plays with the different compartments to create a geometric figure. On the color side, black and white accentuate the effect.

Parallel lines

Aquamass In this bathroom, the stripes of the bath offer a string of parallel lines which bring dynamics to the whole of the bathroom. The rest of the bathroom allows a more sober decor.

Decorative diamonds

Ferm Living Have fun with bathroom textiles to bring geometry into your room. Your laundry basket and your shower curtain can for example offer diamonds, a star motif at the moment.

Drawer grid

Jules and Jim In this bathroom, the geometry is discreet! These are the lines of the drawers that create a grid on the vanity unit to give style to the bathroom.

A rectangular piece of furniture

Sanijura The furniture also plays the card of originality with geometric constructions like this piece of furniture which consists of several rectangular modules just like the storage shelf.

A symmetrical sink To decorate your basin, why not bet on a sink model which has geometric shapes to open the water and which is placed perfectly geometric around the tap.

A bath mat like a grid

The Collection At the end of your bath, slide a carpet made from small wooden squares to give a geometric spirit to your decor with only a few accessories.