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Classic style decor in the bathroom

Classic style decor in the bathroom

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The classic style combines elegance and simplicity to offer the bathroom a very pleasant decoration. Neutral colors and soft lines will be ideal for the bathrooms of family houses for example. Here are some ideas for creating a classic style in your bathroom.

The charm of a parquet floor

Saint-Maclou ### The ideal classic style floor covering will of course be parquet! If you do not want to opt for wood in the bathroom because of the humidity, know that you can choose a vinyl floor that will perfectly imitate the parquet in light or darker tones.

A lounge spirit

Herbeau Créations ### Design the bathroom as a small lounge dedicated to relaxation. Opt for paintings as decoration, place comfortable chairs and armchairs and bring a warm atmosphere.

A room dedicated to beauty

Maisons du Monde ### The bathroom must also be a room dedicated to beauty. We then choose to install a beautiful dressing table near a window. Arrange your finest beauty products and perfume bottles.

A lion-footed bathtub

Herbeau Créations ### To complete the decoration of your classic style bathroom, bet on a lion-footed bathtub. This type of bathtub will instantly bring cachet to your room thanks to its elegant lines.