Soft pastel in the living room

Soft pastel in the living room

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Spring has indeed set in, and in our interiors, it is discovered with its soft and pastel colors. From powdered pink to cloud blue through pale green, light tones soothe the mood and bring tenderness to walls or accessories. Romantic and delicate decors take over the show this season, here are 10 ideas to inspire you.

Powdery pink

Maisons du Monde To create a romantic atmosphere in your living room, you dare powder pink in all its variations. A dark fabric sofa, a lighter patterned carpet, a painting with very pale walls work wonderfully with patinated white furniture.

A soothing blue

Dulux Valentine If you like to recharge your batteries in a calm and soothing room when you return from work, dare without restraint the very pale blue in your living room. To accompany it, we favor light colors with a row and white decorative objects.

Mixing tones

La Redoute The advantage with pastel colors is that they blend perfectly. You can then associate without moderation a candy pink sofa with a light gray armchair and a carpet that plays with sky blue and pale yellow in your living room.

Gradient of blues

Maisons du Monde The seaside style likes pastel shades, so there is no hesitation in installing many linen cushions in shades of blue on the sofa. Light wooden furniture and white curtains at the windows complete the decor.

Pastel touches

3 Suisses Bring some sweetness to your living room with a touch of pastel here and there. Pale pink cushions, a sky blue lamp, vases of water green and light yellow create the decor.

Pink dragee tips

Dulux Valentine In this sober and refined living room, only a few touches of pink dragee on the wall bring a little sweetness to the room. To create a reminder on the sofa, you can also put a few cushions in the same colors.

Sky blue trend

Here, it is the sky blue which adorns with tenderness this living room with a resolutely contemporary look. The curtains and the armchair envelop the large black sofa and bring the right dose of delicacy.

Soft green

Dulux Valentine Cocooning atmosphere in this living room which has chosen to paint its walls in soft green. The decorating idea to remember: choose a different color for the moldings to structure the space.

Cloud blue

Maisons du Monde The mix of industrial and Scandinavian styles works wonderfully in this living room, which has opted for light colors. Tripod table and sky blue metal cabinet make it a space filled with tenderness.