I want an original towel radiator

I want an original towel radiator

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Become over the years an essential accessory of our bathrooms, the towel warmer transcends its primary function of heating and is adorned with originality and aesthetics thanks to the fertile spirit of the designers. Colorful, asymmetrical, horizontal, in original or offbeat shapes, let yourself be captivated by the selection that we have concocted for you.


Archiexpo In addition to its unrivaled quality, you will be seduced by the symmetrical alternation of the curvilinear elements of this model. Its design, up to our desires will bring dynamism to your bathroom.


Nordholm Designed for central heating systems, the paperclip-style towel radiator combines elegant design with technical excellence. It is the essential accessory for a design decoration, atypical and humorous. Its main asset? Its low power consumption.


Runtal Raised to the rank of a design object, this towel radiator literally transcends its primary function. Designed in chromed or powdered white steel, it will give your bathroom an offbeat, very designer style.


Warela Design Luxurious form, spacious storage space, ultra-modern design, it takes no more to succumb to the charm of this sublime towel warmer.

Two in one

Espace Aubade Special mention for this two-in-one towel dryer with a sleek and sober design. We love its practical and functional side which, in addition to its primary heating function, will transform as you wish in a mirror.


Leroy Merlin The towel warmer gets a makeover in this very colorful version. To spice up your bathroom you dare the vibrant colors.


Extras Succumb to the charm of the intoxicating curves of the Albatros horizontal chrome hot water towel radiator. We crack on the decorative element on the central reinforcement which takes up in a funny way the sinuosity of the lines and recalls the wings of a bird.


Extras To give volume and relief to your bathroom, put on the Parenthesis towel dryer. Its slightly curved shape transforms it into a discreet furnishing element. We like its curvy structure which lends itself perfectly to the towel dryer function.


Espace Aubade Sober design and minimalism for this towel warmer signed Espace Aubade. Its extremely simplified forms make it a real concentrate of innovation and modernity.