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Philippe Model's decor ideas

Philippe Model's decor ideas

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** As every year, Philippe Model stages decorative objects in order to present new products. This year, during this press event, colorful objects were honored! We present to you 10 decor ideas inspired by the world of Philippe Model for a classic but colorful interior! **

Metal wallpaper

LSA international To have a unique and amazing wall covering, wallpapers using materials, such as metal or reflective paper, will have a guaranteed decorative effect!

The forest invites itself into your living room

Morris & Co For a soft and soothing atmosphere, this curtain and this sofa with patterns straight out of the forest, will soothe you with its soft and natural colors.

The big living room

Materia With this brightly colored living room and furniture inspired by "lego", bring your living room to life and create a contrast with a dark colored wall!

Placemats in the colors of your mood

Checkered tea towel To give spirit to your table, it can be decorated and embellished in different ways. Patterned tablecloths, original plates, silver cutlery ... for successful receptions or to please yourself!

The garland to amaze your evenings

Le Grand Comptoir This lamp to hang on the wall with the air of an Asian lamp will make you fall in love with a subdued and romantic atmosphere.

Colored candle holders to brighten up your walls

Le Grand Comptoir If you are a fan of candles but you have had enough of the traditional candle jars, these can be hung on the wall and save you from cluttering your tables and furniture.

Retro cushions

Le Monde Sauvage A touch of retro with embroidered cushions that will bring a touch of charm to your living room!

Make your room alive!

Bouchara Large patterns and strong colors will bring you cheerfulness in any room. Ideal for a touch of pep in your room!

An original glassware

LSA international Colored and tinted glasses that will light up your tables and stimulate your taste buds. Transparency remains a classic on the table by offering lines that are both sober and original.