A child's room with a marine spirit

A child's room with a marine spirit

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A recurring atmosphere in the children's room, the nautical style still has a bright future ahead of it. With its soothing blue and white tones, its bayadère stripes and its seaside decoration, the nautical style never ceases to charm us. Close the hatches, drop the moorings, hoist the mainsail and set off to discover ten children's bedrooms with a marine spirit.

A beach hut as a bed

Maisons du Monde Your child dreams of sleeping in a cabin? Make him happy by offering him an original cabin in the shape of a small fisherman's house. Available in soft and soothing shades and mounted on stilts, it will allow you to create in a blink of an eye a universe that meets your desires.

A seaside style child's bedroom

Maisons du Monde Synonymous with a change of scenery, the nautical style is all good in this very trendy children's room. Your child has sea legs, go ahead and fall for this set of bed, wardrobe and bedside table in the colors of the sea. You will decorate the space with decorative objects seaside atmosphere scattered here and there… A boat or porthole-shaped mirrors, for example.

Blue for a nautical style in the children's room

Purpose Your child's room is small and you want to enlarge it visually. Dare the total marine look by focusing on the color of the ocean, blue. In addition to being soothing and refreshing, it will enlarge its living space in the blink of an eye. You will complete the marine look with numbered prints and you will choose bayadère or wooden printed furniture.

A wooden bed

Maisons du Monde Looking for a beautiful and soft bed for your little one's bedroom. The Newport wooden bed, ideal for a marine-style bedroom, will transport your toddler to a refreshing universe reminiscent of a holiday at sea and the joys of sandcastles.

Sailor bayadères

Aim To plant your seaside decor, it is impossible to fail at the unconditional marine bayadère. As a duvet cover, as a small decorative pouf, as a cushion or as an extra lamp, you can choose it horizontal or vertical.

Big blue atmosphere

Ikea Very graphic fish, crabs and an XXL octopus, bright and sparkling colors ... This original and playful room will seduce your kid with its assertive underwater atmosphere. We crack!

A room for two

Maisons du Monde Sober and elegant at the same time, the nautical style favors the simplicity of white and blue, but also the sobriety of the materials. Blond parquet, off-white wall covering, aged wood wardrobe, blue and printed duvet cover, bayadère… the marine style is distilled here and there to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere conducive to a change of scenery.

A setting feet in the sand

Jurassien Exit the total seaside look, here we play the card of subtlety by betting on light colors and accessories inspired by the marine style. Sand-colored floor covering, small buoys, a canoe as a storage unit, small lighthouses and small boats.

Ship inspiration of yesteryear

Caroti Find all the charm and authenticity of the ships of yesteryear with this children's room inspired by the cabins of yesteryear. A successful mixture of modern style and rustic and country style that will not leave you indifferent.


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