8 decorative hotels where to spend your wedding night

8 decorative hotels where to spend your wedding night

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Charm, elegance and privacy for a perfect night.

Boscolo Exedra

Boscolo Exedra ** The Boscolo Exedra hotel in Nice ** Enjoy the Mediterranean coast while spending a night in the new five-star palace where historic architecture and refined design coexist. The hotel is immaculate for a real invitation to softness and well-being.

Crillon Suite

Crillon ** The Crillon hotel in Paris ** Treat yourself to French luxury by investing in the famous Crillon at Place de la Concorde in Paris. World renowned, it will keep its promises by offering you a night worthy of royalty with one of the most beautiful views in Paris as a backdrop.

My hotel

Mon Hôtel ** Mon Hôtel in Paris ** In a completely different genre, Mon Hôtel pays homage to clandestine love affairs because girls used to come there with their lover overnight or for a few hours. The hotel is a veritable haven of sensuality that will not fail to arouse the desire for this extraordinary night.

Five Hotel

Five Hôtel ** The Five Hôtel in Paris ** The hotel offers a real stroll through the stars thanks to a starry ceiling and a poetic atmosphere created by a floating bed. The plus: an olfactory signature to awaken your senses. What a magical night!

Gabriel Paris Marais Hotel

Hotel Gabriel Paris Marais ** The Hotel Gabriel in Paris ** Here is a hotel where you can recharge your batteries after the frenzy of wedding preparations. On the program: white decor and pastel colors for a relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to the Zen and refined decor, you will find yourself relieved of all physical and emotional toxins to start your union.

The BLC Design Hotel

THE BLC DESIGN HOTEL ** The BLC Design Hotel in Paris ** Stay in an entirely white hotel to recall the spirit of marriage! The particularity of this hotel: to put women in the spotlight by exhibiting representations of it. For a night that is certainly intimate and delicate.

The beautiful star

Meurice ** The Hotel Le Meurice in Paris ** A veritable Parisian institution since 1835, the Meurice offers decoration worthy of the most beautiful residences of the 18th century. But the surprise is on the roof with the La Belle Etoile suite and its unobstructed view of the City of Lights! A corner of paradise nestled in the sky!