A 140m2 apartment renovated by Leroy Merlin

A 140m2 apartment renovated by Leroy Merlin

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Young thirties, Camille, Cyril and their 2 and a half year old son Gabriel had neither the time, the ideas, nor the means to renovate the 140m2 apartment they inherited. Between an unwelcoming entry, large rooms with no personality and little optimization and a rustic kitchen, it was high time to renovate everything. It was Leroy Merlin who took up this major challenge and allowed this small family to live in an apartment adapted to their needs and desires. Discover in pictures, the layout and decoration solutions offered by the essential DIY and home brand.

After: the entrance

The floor is now covered with concrete imitation tiles placed directly on the old tiles. Convenient to renovate easily without breaking everything! As for the table, it has given way to useful storage cubes to slide all the small everyday objects.

Before: the show

Leroy Merlin Spacious and bright, the living room nevertheless lacks a good dose of decor. Despite some design pieces and graphic objects, this slightly cold room deserves color and a friendly and warm side. It's time to make it look good!

After: the show

If the gray sofa, the glass coffee table and the rocking chair have found their place in this new living room, it is in a completely different atmosphere that they are staged. A blue wall energizes the atmosphere, a few green plants bring a touch of freshness and different cushions create the decor.

Before: the kitchen

Leroy Merlin Rustique. There are no other words to define the outdated look of this kitchen. Not very practical, not very functional, and not very bright because of the natural light absorbed by the wood, this large room seems very small and structured.

After: the kitchen

Make way for trendy furniture, smart storage and trendy colors in this brand new kitchen. The bottom cupboards play with a matt black while the wall elements have fun with white glass. As for natural light, it seems to prevail from floor to ceiling.

Before: the dining area in the kitchen

Leroy Merlin The dining area of ​​this kitchen has only one word: minimalist! Only a small table and two chairs can have breakfast.

After: the dining area in the kitchen

After renovation, the U-shaped kitchen is extended with an integrated dining area allowing you to have real breakfasts with your family! The stools slide under the worktop and save a considerable amount of space.

Before: the master bedroom

Leroy Merlin The minimalist decor of this room makes it a neutral space, without any personality. The large bed simply sits in the middle of white walls without any bias. It just needs a little warmth and color to have everything good!

After: the parental bedroom

Soft and soothing, the master bedroom has taken on a whole new look with its pink wall as a headboard. Many cushions in shades of pink pile up on the bed while many frames display wallpapers with trendy patterns.

Before: the bathroom

Leroy Merlin Too bad that such a large bathroom (which makes us all dream) has such a uniform and tasteless decor. The glass basins absolutely do not harmonize with the beige tiles and the storage seems simply forgotten. Quick, a little warmth in this freezing room!

After: the bathroom

Today, glass basins have given way to two trendy white washbasins. Large tiles of gray sandstone subtly adorn the floors and walls for a very successful design effect. The shower plays the mosaic in the black version to create a real cocoon of intimacy.

Before: a mixed piece

Leroy Merlin Guest bedroom, dining room, TV lounge, this large room for mixed use does indeed need to find a single function. A room for the little one is therefore the perfect solution!

After: a baby room

And There you go ! Baby finally has the right to a room of his own! Simple blue custom pine boxes allow a multitude of storage while creating a decor full of sweetness and calm.

After: a bathroom

The adjoining bathroom closed by a sliding door has everything a large. Walk-in shower, sink, storage furniture and dynamic tiling make this a fun and practical space!