Ideas for re-vegetating the kitchen

Ideas for re-vegetating the kitchen

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When the beautiful days come, we want to bring nature into all the rooms of the house, and especially in the kitchen. To be able to take full advantage of your work plan and your dining area, planting your kitchen is a good idea to change your style and get green while staying indoors. Here are our 20 decor ideas to inspire you with these covered gardens.

Create plant suspensions

Girls' tips To hang your plants without damaging your wall or your splashback, consider hanging them on a bar between two tall storage units. The Girls' Tips blog created a very simple Do It Yourself to make pretty fabric hanging lights, for a very trendy Scandinavian boho look.

Having a mini vegetable garden in the kitchen

Emilie sans chichi To instill good gestures in children and be able to season your dishes with basil or parsley house, you can install a real vegetable patch in your room. On a stool, in a corner or even at the end of a work plan, it will allow you to have your aromatics close at hand as the blogger Emilie proves without fuss.

Flower open storage

Ikea Open storage is very trendy in the kitchen. If you do not want to expose your dishes to dust, choose food supplies, utensils and pots of plants. If your storage is high enough, it will even give the impression of having a green wall.

Install a garden behind the stoves

Leroy Merlin At Leroy Merlin, we dare the garden in the kitchen! In a rather spacious room, create a space entirely dedicated to your plantings, where your children can garden while you prepare the meal. In terms of materials, we opt for crates, reclaimed wood for a vintage spirit.

Play on levels

Klevering These pretty hanging pots hang everywhere and on any support. To create a restful space in the kitchen, you can install several on a wall painted in a bright color, and put them on different levels. Price: 19.90 euros at Fleux

Showcase your plants on a shelf

Justina Blakeney for The Jungalow If you have several open shelves high enough, and therefore not very accessible, do not put dishes that you will have trouble reaching but prefer to highlight indoor plants that do not require much maintenance. You will bring color and a certain freshness to the room.

When plants grow taller

Shake design The Italian brand Shake design had the good idea not to clutter the central island of this kitchen with plants, but to place plants in a dedicated space located just above it. You can have lunch with friends or family in a soothing space.

A climbing plant to decorate the room

Nicolette Johnson We love the idea spotted on the Discover Design blog which consists of putting a climbing plant, like ivy for example, in a suspension to hang on the ceiling. The result ? The whole room benefits, especially if it lets in as much natural light as possible.

A DIY for herbs

The Notebook Do you like to put fresh ingredients in your dishes? Consider growing herbs in the kitchen. To do this, simply follow this Do It Yourself DIY spotted on the blog Le Cahier. On a slate wall, fix tubs of aromatic plants and write the name of each variety in chalk.

A vegetated island

Aviva In this kitchen, plants are not just aesthetic! Indeed, they make it possible to separate the island in two in order to offer one side as a work surface and the other as a dining area.

A plant painting

Baker To bring the plants into your kitchen, you can bet on a plant table that will install plants in the room without taking up space. Just make sure to keep it away from the hobs.

A green wall

Castorama Why not use plants to close your kitchen? Thanks to a modular partition system, you can create a wall that will accommodate a multitude of flower pots that will bring nature into the room.

Aromatic herbs on the splashback

Ikea To vegetate the kitchen, think of aromatic herbs which will be as practical for preparing meals as they are aesthetic. To have them on hand, you can for example hang a pot with the splashback.

Flower pots on cupboards

Leroy Merlin Do not hesitate to use the unused areas of your kitchen to place pots of green plants there. For example, place a few pots on the tall cupboards to add some natural vegetation to the kitchen. You can also dedicate a wall shelf to a few pots.

A shelf for plants

Ikea To create a space in the kitchen dedicated to plants, you can opt for an open shelf that will let in light while providing you with space to plant.

Pots on the windowsill

Purpose To create a small indoor garden, install a few pots on the windowsill. Not only will it dress the latter but you can also have aromatic herbs on hand.

Plants on the hatch

Purpose Do you have a serving hatch that you don't know how to use? Install a few flower pots to create a plant space that will add a little nature to your kitchen.

Plants on the worktop

Purpose To give a natural spirit to the kitchen, you can also simply add a few plants to the worktop. These can for example respond to a green paint on the walls to ensure style.

Flowers on the table

Ikea Finally, in spring, nothing like a bouquet of flowers that we place on the kitchen table and that will complement the pots of aromatic herbs placed on the worktop.


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