Ethnic style in the bedroom

Ethnic style in the bedroom

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To extend summer travel, we create an ethnic decor in the bedroom. For that, here are 5 illustrated golden rules to respect. An inspiration from elsewhere…

Use ethnic patterns without moderation

Elitis ** Because the ethnic style is also a mixture of geometric shapes and fawn patterns, we line the walls with leopard or striped wallpaper. We can also opt for a carpet of very African inspiration. **

Natural materials as a decoration supplement

Maisons du Monde ** Screens made of bamboo, straw or light wood: we rely on the craft specific to hot countries which inspires the ethnic look. **

Shimmering colors

Maisons du Monde ** Ethnic decor is the decor of travel. To remind the sun of distant destinations, choose decorative accessories such as cushions, a carpet or a vase in warm tones. In the spotlight: yellow, red and orange, something to get away from everyday urban life. **

Dark wooden furniture

Maisons du Monde ** The contrast between exotic wood and warm colors is most beautiful, but above all, it is the most representative of the ethnic style. Favoring this material for your furniture is therefore a golden rule to respect. **