7 accessories to enhance the little girls' room

7 accessories to enhance the little girls' room

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To further enhance the gentle side of the little girl's bedroom, here are some ideas in pictures.

A parade of fluff on the bed

Purpose ** Rather than sprinkling the bed with cushions, we decorate it with comforters! The rabbits, cubs, kangaroos and cloth dolls with which the young girls play are staged to give a childlike air to the decor. **

Playful lights

AM.PM ** A mushroom bedside lamp, a lampshade decorated with butterflies, birds and flowers: here are lights which, in addition to lighting the room, enhance it, creating a universe full of sweetness. **

Poetic stickers

Vertbaudet ** To brighten up the walls in the little girls' bedroom, nothing could be easier and more practical than stickers! Stickers in the shape of butterflies, stars, branches: we choose adhesives full of delicacy and softness. **

Very girly curtains

Vertbaudet ** Rather than opting for uniform curtains, we choose girly curtains that dress the windows with a childish air! **

Liberty bed linen

AM.PM ** A princess bed also requires a pretty cover. Among the most popular, there are liberty bed linen, but we can also opt for adornments in the likeness of the favorite heroines of girls (Disney princesses, Hello Kitty, Dora) or simply decorated with girly patterns (fairies, stars, hearts…). **

Furniture with girly patterns

Maisons du Monde ** Hearts, flowers, stars, peas: here are the little girls' favorite patterns, so we don't hesitate to display them in the decor, starting with the furniture, as above ( bed, bedside table, storage chest). **


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