10 inspirations light wood trend

10 inspirations light wood trend

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In total harmony with the Nordic spirit, at the moment the trend is for light wood. They are found everywhere: in the office, in the living room, the kitchen, the dressing room, the dining room, and it even invites itself in the children's room. We at the editorial office are in love, are you?

Scandinavian style in the office

Maisons du Monde Both sober and timeless, this light wood desk fits perfectly into the Nordic trend, a bit vintage. Mounted on oblique legs, it offers just the right amount of storage: a large tray, two deep drawers and a large niche.

A multi-purpose side table

Normann Copenhagen Favorite decor for this pretty side table. As comfortable in the serving kitchen, as in the bedroom as a dressing table or in the living room as a coffee table, this small side table on wheels follows you everywhere.

Light wood trend in the child's room

Hay The light wood trend invades even the bedroom of our little ones. Here is a good example, with this superb modular shelf that turns into a library or garage for small cars, at will.

A two-color bench

Ikea Back on the school benches… And because the outdoor also follows the light wood trend, we quickly adopt this pretty two-seater bench, for summer evenings with lovers.

A country-style office

Maisons du Monde From light wooden furniture, to the chair that perfectly mixes wood and skin, passing by the splashes of color brought by the industrial look lamp, the stool and the blue vase; everything in this office with a refined atmosphere, a touch of country, makes us fall in love.

A trendy living room

Ikea All dressed in light wood, this cocooning living room proves, once again, that light and white wood go very well together. And, in order not to create an overly refined atmosphere, we add a few touches of gray: a carpet, a plaid and a few cushions.

A stylish wardrobe

Normann Copenhagen We already knew that light wood went very well with white, we now know that it goes perfectly with black. For a chic and classy look, it is urgently adopted in the dressing room.

Nordic style in the dining room

Muuto From the beautiful parquet floor, to the designer pendant lights coming down from the ceiling, through the mix of seats around the table or the vintage row buffet in light wood, we literally melt for this Nordic-style living room.

A designer pendant light

Normann Copenhagen In addition to desks, chairs, shelves, sideboards, or even small furniture, the light wood trend also affects decorative accessories. Very nice example here, with this design and graphic pendant lamp, made of lime tree.


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