10 decorative styles for the nursery

10 decorative styles for the nursery

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Are you waiting for a happy event and start preparing the nursery? To help you choose the theme of the latter, we suggest you discover 10 atmospheres, each with their own decorative style. Jungle, Scandinavian, bucolic or even countryside, the hard part will be to choose!

The princess nursery

La Redoute In fairy tales, babies always sleep in pretty cradles. In this baby girl room, we therefore bet on a very decorative cradle on a rocker. For the rest of the decor, pink and powdery colors are recommended.

The seaside baby room

La Redoute For a seaside atmosphere, blue is in the spotlight. We choose a soft shade that will soothe baby and then opt for white furniture and a few touches of gray in the accessories.

The design baby room

La Redoute In the designer baby room, the furniture has original lines with very modern curves. We put on trendy colors and graphic lines as with polka dot wallpaper.

The Scandinavian nursery

AM.PM In a Scandinavian room, we will bet on a combination of light wood and white textiles. For the design spirit, we will bet on a very original suspended cradle whose movement will not fail to soothe baby.

The classic baby room

La Redoute For a classic baby room, we put on furniture that plays the card of authenticity with solid wood and rustic lines of inspiration. To lighten the whole, accessorize with white.

The jungle baby room

Vertbaudet For a trendy and playful jungle atmosphere, we put on a deep green and add funny accessories like small stuffed animals which also find their place in patterns on textiles.

The bucolic baby room

Vertbaudet For a bucolic baby girl's room, we opt for a white base as much on the walls as for the furniture. Then add a few touches of pastel pink on the textiles and opt for floral patterns.

The countryside baby room

Mathy by Bols For a countryside atmosphere, you will bet on wooden furniture revealing the different slats that compose it. We can also opt for wood on the walls. In terms of decoration, you can choose a rabbit as an emblem.

The retro baby room

Laurette For a retro room, we will put on an original bed like this model on wheels. In terms of color, opt for old grays and opt for bed linen with retro patterns to enhance the whole.


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