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The circus world takes over the children's room

The circus world takes over the children's room

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Let the show begin ! For the little ones who demand a fun and exceptional atmosphere in their room, we are not mistaken in offering them the dazzling world of the circus. Equilibrist animals, trapeze artists, clowns and other tamers take up the decoration in accessories, bed linen or even stickers on the wall ... Here are 10 tips for adopting this universe rich in color in your children's room.


Fanastick Clowns, trapeze artists, tamers… all the circus artists sit on the walls of your child's room in the form of stickers. We then easily create a decor worthy of a Zavatta show.

A duvet cover

3 Suisses If you want to bring the world of the circus into the bedroom without doing too much, opt for this contemporary and not too childish duvet cover.

A play tent

Ikéa For your children's room to turn into a real circus track, set up a marquee as a playhouse and add a few colorful beanbags.

A star cushion

La Fabrique aux Rêves The child's bedroom makes its circus with this starry and colorful cushion on which a balancing elephant puts on a show. Placed on a white duvet cover, it ambiance the room in the blink of an eye.


Matelpro Thanks to a mezzanine bed, easy to slide all your toddler's toys underneath when he has finished using them. And to hide all this odds and ends, we choose curtains with the image of the circus to bring a touch of good humor.

A bright star

Maisons du Monde Light up your little blond head's bedroom with this bright red metal star. Placed on the floor or on a dresser, or fixed to the wall, it brings a unique touch to the decor of the room.

"Circus" accessories

Maisons du Monde From the chest of drawers to the canvas bag passing by bright stars, everything in this room recalls the world of the circus. All you have to do is put a few stuffed animals here and there and the show can begin!

A wall of stickers

La Redoute So that your child thinks he is in the circus at all times, choose a wall in his room on which you can stick a multitude of stickers. Lions, giraffes and little acrobatic monkeys are there to set the tone.

A bunk bed

Magic Circus Hotel Open the heavy yellow and red curtains of the circus and discover… a bunk bed worthy of a marquee! To stay in the theme, choose a bedside table and a pouffe with diamond patterns and in the same tones.