Soothing colors in the bathroom

Soothing colors in the bathroom

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If for you the bathroom is above all a place of relaxation, synonymous with relaxation and well-being, then you will favor without any mood the pastel colors and the soft materials. Scandinavian inspiration or seaside spirit, classic style or small boudoir atmosphere, discover our selection of ten bathrooms as design as soothing.


Keramag Design Innovative and very complete, the MyDay collection imagined by Keramag Design aims to create extraordinary bathrooms, combining the search for comfort and hedonistic pleasure. The softness of the lines, the ample curves and the delicacy of the contours of the furniture bring to the bathroom the durability and the coherence of a sober, sophisticated and elegant style at the same time. How not to crack!

Marine atmosphere

Schmidt Make your bathroom a true haven of peace by focusing on the Schmidt bathroom. With its very worked raw wood flooring, its blue and brown furniture with graphic lines and enveloping curves, immerse yourself in a marine universe imbued with sweetness and serenity.


Castorama The light wood of the furniture evokes the comfort and protection of a cocoon. Natural material par excellence, wood will bring to the bathroom a very comforting ecological side that we will take pleasure in associating with warm colors to create a warm atmosphere in the space.


Delpha Soft and tender tones, pastel colors will bring a touch of delicacy and a touch of romanticism to your bathroom. From powder pink, beige and light blue to a few extravagant touches, it is entirely possible to vary the pleasures while maintaining a neutral and refined atmosphere.

Blue and its relaxing properties

1825 Paintings Tint par excellence of zen, blue, color of the sea and the sky symbolizes calm and freshness. Also for a soothing atmosphere in your bathroom, we will favor this color that we will gladly associate with shades of gray or mineral materials for a chic look. For a seaside style, we will choose raw wood furniture.

Chic boudoir

Delpha Because the bathroom is above all a space where well-being and serenity take precedence, we offer it a makeover inspired by the boudoir style. Softness, charm, powdery colors associated with refined and pretty details ... it takes no more to be enchanted by this sublime bathroom with a touch of retro.

Raw wood and limestone

Lapeyre Raw and natural materials lend themselves particularly well to bathroom decor. To create a reassuring, warm and authentic atmosphere in your space, use wooden furniture and a limestone wall covering.

Nordic inspiration

The Scandinavian style never ceases to charm us. Light wood, pastel shades, sleek and minimalist shapes inspired by the 70s create an atmosphere of softness and serenity.

Violin Concerto

Delpha Softness and refinement are at the rendezvous with this elegant bathroom signed Delpha. The purple color combined with the soft hues of the walls and the floor in perfect harmony, immerses us in the blink of an eye in a universe conducive to well-being and soothing.


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