A green roof for my house

A green roof for my house

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Ecology has now established itself in the world of decoration for several years now. Simple fashion effect or general awareness, the ecological style is becoming established today as an unavoidable trend with which we must now count. Whether inside or outside the home, it is now possible to create a 100% ecological decoration using a wide variety of natural materials and techniques in total respect with nature. Focus on 10 design and ecological roofs.

Photovoltaic tiles

Luxol The evolution of traditional tiles must today adapt to a world where we care about energy and where housing is beginning to change into a positive energy home. Also, Luxol, manufacturer of solar tiles, has created a photovoltaic tile which provides roofing and waterproofing and which uses solar energy to allow houses to produce their electricity. A real revolution! Compare quotes for photovoltaic panels.

Terracotta roof

Terreal Follower of the green trend, opt for a terracotta roof. Natural and ecological material, terracotta has the advantage of integrating perfectly into all landscapes and in any environment.

Metal roof

Métal Architectural Compagnie Less common in France than tiled or slate roofs, metal roofs represent a sustainable and ecological alternative to traditional roofs. Natural product and fully recyclable, it adapts perfectly well to the era of sustainable development. In addition to its modern appearance, it has the advantage of adapting to all shapes and can be placed both on very low-pitched roofs and on vertical-sloped roofs. Its long service life finally makes it a first choice material.

Wooden roof

Toitures Bois France The wooden roof has experienced a real revival in recent years. Ecological, durable, light and sound and heat insulating, it is an option for home coverage far from being overpriced.

Thatched roof

Jacques Stéphane After having long been neglected for more modern materials, thatched roofs are returning to the front of the stage. Aesthetic and ecological, thatch is one of the oldest materials used for roofing. It charms us with its resistance to all tests, its insulating properties and its great lightness allowing it to adapt to all types and all forms of roofing.

Glass roof

SolTech In place of traditional concrete or terracotta tiles, SolTech offers an ecological and economical system based on a glass roof. This solar collector, to be installed on the entire roof surface, collects solar energy and transforms it into a heat source for the entire home heating system. The result is impressive!

Natural slate roof

Desbarax The slate roof is distinguished by its unique properties. A noble and elegant material par excellence, the slate roof gives an incomparable cachet to houses. Apart from its aesthetic appearance, it is an ecological roofing material, very efficient, insulating and above all of incomparable longevity.

Composite tiles

Novi-case Specialist in the manufacture of tiles from recycled and recyclable materials, Novi-case has developed a composite tile with an aesthetic similar to traditional tiles. Available in multiple colors, the Akro-roof tile is made from recycled and 100% recyclable materials. The tiles will ideally fit into an eco-friendly house project.

TPO roof

Trois Rivières roof The TPO roof combines durability, longevity and ecology. Ideal for flat roofs, and in particular for laying green roofs, the roofs are available in white, which contributes to reducing urban heat islands. In the range of petroleum roofs, they are considered to be less polluting and more durable.


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