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Hema: our favorite summer selection

Hema: our favorite summer selection

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Cheerful colors, sleek design and decorative items at low prices, this summer again Hema decided to make us happy. The duvet covers are adorned with graphic patterns, the cushions in pastel colors and the small furniture in neon colors. We take you with us to discover our 10 favorite objects.

A graphic cushion

Hema To bring a little good humor on the sofa of the living room or on the bed, opt for this pink cushion which seems composed of small scales. What do we like about him? Its green border which gives it a completely different look. 6 euros

A bottle vase

Hema Fresh, delicate and round, this charming vase will have no trouble imposing itself in all styles of interior. On a flea market style table, on a contemporary sideboard or even on a metal side table, we dare everywhere! 7 euros

A jewelry box

Hema We fell in love with this very pretty jewelry box. With its pastel pink and its graphic patterns totally in trend, it has it all! 5 euros

A sea green stool

Hema Practical in the kitchen or to accommodate people without cluttering the living room, the stool is indeed the ideal room to adopt. To make it breathe a little air of freshness in the room, we choose it in a green color full of pep. 7.50 euros

A duvet cover

Hema Children also have the right to a seasonal decoration. So that good humor is also present in their room, bet on this graphic and colorful duvet cover. We love ! 25 euros

A "To Do" memo block

Hema Hanging on the wall in the kitchen or simply placed on the desk, this "To Do" memo pad will be useful so as not to forget anything all summer long. We write down all of our daily appointments and little things to do. 2 euros

A medicine box

Hema Original this pharmacy box which does not use the usual red and white color codes. With her pink cross, she takes on a girly and trendy air. 15 euros

A gray pitcher

Hema Your lemonades and orangeades of summer have found their decorative ally for a most successful setting on the table with this gray pitcher. You can also use it as a vase in a country style interior. 12 euros

Summer cups

Hema At the time of picnicking in the park or having lunch in the garden, we dare these cardboard cups as practical as they are pretty. Their little extra: a mini price as we would like every day. 1.75 euros